Hi, my name is Kim Pierce the owner and founder of Becoming Happy Coaching. I am a published author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Personal Coach.
    Together with my daughter instructor/trainer Carrie Hazel we help our clients remember, and find their way to, who they really are at a core level so that they can live lives of more authentic joy.

The truth is, we are all on a journey here in this time and space reality.  It is a journey of self-discovery, spiritual expansion and remembering that who and what you really are is ENERGY!  Universal, Source, God energy chose to project itself into human form to experience life on the earth plane and to use that experience to expand and become more.  

 Have you ever felt overwhelmed, maybe even frustrated that you give so much but you still aren’t feeling fulfilled, satisfied or authentically joyful on a consistent basis?

 Me too!  My journey began some 23 years ago when my life was on the edge of self-destruction.  Literally!  I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue to live.  My relationship with my then husband was in shambles, I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing and I was convinced I was the worst mother on earth.  

 I experienced an epiphany like so many in those sort of desperate situations when a veritable stranger reached out a helping hand and seemingly spoke right into the center of my sole.  

 In hindsight, I now realize it was the Universe reaching out to my heart that was screaming for answers and help.  The Universe knew I had something special to offer the world and showed up as soon as I was willing to see it, to help me develop what that special gift was to be.  

 Over the years that followed that moment and right up until this present moment, that same loving energy has always been with me, even when I wasn’t willing to turn an ear or a heart toward it to receive the blessings of guidance and love it is always wanting and ready to impart.  

 When I became ready to be consistent with my focus and my direction, things began to happen for me in an amazing pattern.  I can see that pattern now but I was amazed at the “coincidences” in those days.  Now that I know that there are no coincidences I am much more aware of Universal Energy always moving on my behalf to get me to where I can more consistently be experiencing my hearts desires and living the life of my dreams.

 Since finding the principles that I now teach in Seminars, Retreats and our new Subscription Package, my life has changed dramatically.  

 I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to end a 14 year relationship that had served its purpose in my life but that was no longer a productive or positive thing for either of us.  I moved from Central Pennsylvania to Western Montana.  I started my career over again in a new place, with new people and generating a whole new energy.

 I realized that the old way of doing things just wasn’t working for me.  I needed some new framework with which to create my new life.  And, again, faithfully, the Universe brought it to me in spades.  I came across some very supportive friends, new teachers, scholars and programs that I devoured and internalized.  I allowed this knowledge to build upon itself until there was no other logical thing to do but to share it with others and let them know that there is a way to transform what you may now look at as a life that does not work into one of great relationships full of laughter and love, amazing health and rich abundance.

 So . . .  

We have created a wonderful, enlightening and affordable program that can be experienced in one of three ways.

 We do a 4 hour Seminar, which is a broad overview of this information and helps you to decide whether it is for you or not.  We also hold a three day Retreat that allows you to be completely submerged in the concepts and practices in a pristine natural atmosphere at the foot of the Mission Mountains here in St. Ignatius, MT.  And we also offer the Subscription Package that takes this information and breaks it down into 12 monthly installments.  In all three formats, we address issues like relationships, weight and body image, health and wellness, grief and loss, financial abundance.  

 We provide you with clear understandings of the issues and your emotional reactions to them and then provide processes and practices that will help you to change the way you are viewing, feeling and thinking about them and therefore change your experience as well as the outcome of that issue.

 Some of the common mistakes people make are to first of all think that they can embrace this information and think that their lives will change overnight or at least in a week or so.  One of the things I have learned on my Journey is that patience is my best friend.  And, although sometimes you can manifest some things very quickly and others even instantly; this is a process and should be viewed as an enriching journey to the center of yourself.  It truly is fascinating and liberating to find out that you are actually quite divine in nature and design.  And, that the only thing you need to do to return to that divine nature is to embrace it.  

 The first thing you should do is close your eyes and ask yourself if you are ready for such a journey of self discovery.  If the answer is yes, and you are ready to experience some authentic joy in your life, choose which format you feel is best for you; be that Seminar, Retreat or Subscription Package.  Then follow the link to the format of your choice and get ready for the Journey of a Lifetime.  I’ll see you on the other side to help you get started.